Ribbon and Wrapping Paper

This time of year is when I have to shop for birthday presents and Christmas presents for a shitload of people. It’s like everyone in my family, with just one or two exceptions, were born in either September, October or February. So now that I have the September and October birthdays all caught up, gifted and done, I have to start collecting Christmas gifts.

I don’t mind shopping for the gifts, but I really hate wrapping them. I miss the days of the department stores offering free gift wrapping services. That used to be a big reason why I shopped at those stores. But now I have to do that chore myself, and I can’t believe how expensive the damn wrapping paper and ribbon has become. If you buy a big present for someone, you can easily blow another $10 on the wrapping paper and ribbon, and then you have to buy a shipping box for $5 and then you have to pay shipping, which can be anywhere from $15 to $40 depending on how far away they live and how much the package weighs.

So, any time I shop for a gift that has to be mailed, i have to add at least $15 to the cost of the gift, and I try to buy only things that are small and lightweight so I don’t get gouged on huge shipping or postage fees. And don’t forget that $5 Hallmark greeting card. Good luck on buying gifts that end up costing less than $50 to buy, wrap, add a card and ship. That’s this year’s challenge and I have 14 gifts to deal with. Fuck me.

Song Dedications

Is there a song that plays on the radio and you immediately think of someone that is forever in your heart tied to that particular song? That happens to me a lot, most of them are sad songs. I don’t know why so many sad songs remind me of people, but I am going to try to balance that out and deliberately think of happy, upbeat songs and mentally tag people I know and love to the happy songs, too.

I know that my little niece used to love this song by Archie Bell and the Drells when she was a baby. She was in diapers, barely able to walk, but every time this song came on the radio she would break out in a big smile and start head bobbing and bouncing along with the song. It was hilarious to watch her dancing – she just threw her entire self into the music and had a great time. So uninhibited. I just wish we had video and Youtibe back in those days. I guarantee she was so cute she would have been an internet sensation!

Talk Shit With The People

There is a reason that chat lines and chat rooms are popular – especially for guys who are shy and don’t like to go hang out in bars for a variety of reasons. If you call a chat line you have the chance to talk shit to the people and you only have to reveal as much about yourself as you want to.

Chances are if you are in a chat room you have an avatar. They aren’t judging you on your looks or clothes or whether you have acne and look like a fucktard or whatever. They talk to you and get to know you on such a totally different level. A most interesting concept in oh so many ways.

The past ten years or so, tattoos have become increasingly popular and I have seen some great skin ink on women. Usually the women are sporting the flowery, birds, hearts or other typical feminine things, but times are a changing and women seem to be getting a bit bolder with their ink desires and their interesting ink designs that they are bringing out with them.

I especially like the tribute tattoos – like their baby’s date of birth. I saw on one of the “ink” cable shows, a woman/mother who had her recently deceased infants footprints tattooed on her upper arm, of course with the baby’s name and other pertinent information. It was done really well and it even made me feel good to look down her arm and see such a job done well and full of pride and overflowing with love.

So checking out tattoo chat rooms can be an interesting way to spend an evening. You just gotta make sure you wear your boots because the shit can get extremely deep in those places.

Randon Online Articles To Fuck With Your Head

Was reading some random articles online and found myself reading from an old article from “Business Week” that lists the top selling candies in the world. Now I think that this list is from at least two years ago, but I don’t think there has been a big change in the candy industry in that small amount of time. The number one candy is not what I would have picked as the best, but I guess it is understandable. I’m fucked on this one because I’ve not traveled outside of the U.S., so with that in mind, I am not familiar with the candy preferences outside of the good old U. S. of A.  But I felt strong as shit that the top selling candies anywhere in the world would most likely be chocolate and that turns out to be true for 9 of the top 10.

So the number one best selling candy in the world is: M & Ms  And the story behind how that candy got its name? The two men who made the candy were named Forrest Mars and R.  Bruce Murrie, so they took the initial of their last names and got M & M. This sparked an interest that I just fucking had to respond to so I found out that Forrest Mars was also responsible for the Mars bar which was a sweeter version of the U.S. Milk Way bar. Wikipedia provides us with such interesting but pretty fucking useless information.


It’s A Fucking Mexican Shame

Just a few years ago they compared the cost of American labor against the cost of Mexican labor, plus the added cost of transporting the materials both to Mexico and back to America, and realized that they would have a huge cost savings by moving the plant to Mexico. That is a shame that we have lost so many jobs to Mexico. Hundreds of people who worked hard and sacrificed to remain loyal to their employer were cast aside by the company executives and left to fend for themselves.

It is also a shame that the people in Mexico are willing to work for such a reduced wage and endure such a substandard quality of life that they go to work for these piece of shit companies. I don’t fucking understand why a Mexican company can’t see this business opportunity and build their own plants and make their own companies instead of bringing American companies into Mexico. Even worse is that our greedy asshole American corporations are willing to take advantage of these people who work hard yet remain living in poverty and sometimes horrific working conditions by exploiting the workers in other countries for the sake of making the profits that line their own pockets. World economics is changing and not one bit for the better. It’s turned into a very complicated political mess. I was talking to a friend of mine on Facebook who lives in Wisconsin and says that a big company up there in Freeport Ill is up and moving to fucking China of all places.